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Why Choose us


Consultancy and help you choose the career field, and provide you with all the tech expertise you need, to have in your backpack to start working.

Our Mission


Complete work in a professional environment and to work on a production level project.

Our Visions


Reach your goal, reach your dream job and get into your dream company.

What is NODE?

A program for fresh graduates & undergraduates,
who don’t  know where to start  & what to do in
the domain of IT  & Computer Science , to kick
start their career with experience in the market.
NODE is enriched with different opportunities,
flavors & way-outs to support the youth.

Development Career

Business & Market Domains (BD)

Strategies & Shortcuts

Building Profiles & Resume.

Learn Market Tactics.


  • Building Profiles & Resume.
  • Learn Market Tactics.
  • Business & Market Domains (BD)
  • Strategies & Shortcuts

Oppurtunities you’ll be getting in this program

  • To work on paid projects
  • Job oppurtunities based upon your performance.
  • Experience and Exposure of market work flow and techniques.
  • Deep understanding of domain.
  • Consultancy and roadmap

Stats &

Our constant growth is our Success! We are pacing with the 100% success rate.

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Working in Industry
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Success Rate

In Demand Technologies We Offer

  • MEAN / MERN.

  • Javascript, Python, Php.

  • Product / Service Based Startups.

  • Management System.

  • DevOps / Agile Development.

  • UI / UX Design

Meet our Speakers


These people are our seniors and our mentors. From the beginning of our struggling times, they were our guiding stars and still are.

On every highs and low, they help us to stable from the vast experiences of industries. They backed up us in every stage of our professional life.

Doing the same in Node, they are with us, sharing their experiences in the Node Session and guiding the youth about the industry and professionalism.

Syed Azhar
Co-Founder Carvan/XCreem
Dr. Aarij Mehmood
Director of ORIC-(IU)
Dr. Mansoor Ebrahim

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